This is the first and only company that uses a unique formula of flurevits and unique developments of our scientists. We do not synthesize anything, we only extract what nature has given us. All the active substances already created by other organisms, we just use these gifts.

We bring people together , we offer opportunities to build your own business in partnership with ACLON. We produce and promote products to improve the quality of health and life of every person. We want more healthy and more successful people every year. We want to teach you to take care of your health and your future . We want to combine all age categories and speak with all in the same language. WE produce health products - Base products of ACLON are FLUREVITS (in translation from Latin" liquid, governing life"). This name is justified by the incredible effects that are achieved in case of using drugs that are the result of innovative discoveries in the field of bio-and nanotechnology. This is the result of many years of research aimed at finding substances and methods of bio regulatory processes in the body.

Also we offer extended products lines for weight correction, for the sportive lifestyle, for healthy food, vitamin complex, products for beauty and youth- cosmetics lines for face and body skin care, hygiene products for oral care.
ACLON – МЛМ компания международного уровня
(Multi-Level Marketing)

The basic products in company ACLON are FLUREVITS (in translation from Latin "liquid, governing life")
WE |
3 years on the market – and more than 50 countries, opened 435 sales offices, more than 170 000 consumers
Full control over the quality of goods
We have our own manufacture in Russia
We produce only exclusive products that have no analogues on the market
Produced products are protein peptide complexes, products for weight normalization, products for healthy lifestyle, vitamin complexes, cosmetic lines, care.
We offer You to become our
official business partner, which means:
Exclusive product
Your business in partnership with the company – without risks and investments

Free travel around the world
Own production
We are ALREADY and ONLY 3 years old – which is our great advantage – you can get back to basics
Тренинги, школы обучения
•Телефон: +7(968)520-41-48
•Адрес: г.Москва, ул. Ленинская Слобода, д.19
Бизнес центр «Омега-Плаза»
(метро Автозаводская)
•4 этаж офис № 4022
Metro station "Avtozavodskaya", the last carriage from the center.
We leave the station "Avtozavodskaya" upstairs, then right towards the street Masterkova. Go as shown in the diagram above to the omega Plaza business center.

Entrance to the Business center is carried out by passes, so you must have any identity document. At the main entrance at the reception you need to present your document and specify the company ACLON.
In the lobby after the reception, before reaching the Rhinoceros, turn right. Further after turn, on the first line where there is a Dinosaur, to pass directly up to the end where there are iron elevators.
Take the Elevator to the 4th floor, exit the Elevator and go straight to the office №4022.
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